Posted on: 2018-09-22

Job type: Permanent

Sector: Industry and Manufacturing

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Senior Knowledge Manager New York City Job Purpose

Team management: Manage daily work of the KM team (accepting customer projects, allocating projects to KAs, monitoring project progress, coordinating customer relationships with AM), and Developing team members (On-job training/ coaching, performance management)
Industry management: Be an industry expert (understanding the industry background, focusing on industry trends, managing important experts, transfer knowledge to KAs, establish industry fact base, assist new industry, assist KAs research)
Project management: Carry out specific project work, especially difficult projects and important customers, set an example and play a leading role

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:


* Team Member Support (Assist other projects, Train other team members)
* Cross Pollination
* Firm Development (Lead, take initiative)

Expert Management

* Expert Expansion - Non-project related (Industry Specialists, Field Specialists, Expert Advisor Network, Research skills)
* Expert Communication (Sales, Maintenance, Interview Arrangement, Rapport)
* Best-Fit Assessment (Finding the right expert, Key Question understanding, Expert preparation)
* Maximizing Project Potential (Continually searching new experts for project)

Client Management

* Client Communication (Email, Verbal, Rapport, Updates, Managing Expectations)
* Professionalism (Client Confidentiality, Zero Defect, Correct Language)
* Client Knowledge (Understand Client Industry)
* Maximizing Project Potential (Client Follow-up, Continual Updates)

Industry Knowledge

* Vertical Industry Knowledge (Interest in learning, research skills)
* Recent Events (Up to date with news)
* Industry Fact base Maintenance (Industry Major Players, Value Chain, Primary and Secondary sources of info)

Job Requirements:

* Bachelor's/Master degree with strong academic performance
* 3-7 years working experience
* Basic understanding of investments and consulting services
* Strong verbal and written communication skills
* A self-starter who is able to learn quickly and actively seeks out new business opportunities
* Mature, professional, self-assured, presentable, confident
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